1. Is my personal information safe?


We will keep all personal information provided by you strictly confidential and share your information only with third-party platforms such as Amazon.


  1. Is my credit card information secure?


Your credit card details are protected by SSL encryption and will not be saved or accessed online without your permission.


  1. Do I have to register on the website to place an order?


Currently, our website will temporarily provide Amazon platform purchase links for our products, so even if you do not have a registered website, you can purchase directly on Amazon according to the information we provide, but after registering as a member, you will enjoy better. The service is cheaper, so we recommend that you register on the website.


  1. Can I request to ship abroad?


Currently, we only support distribution in the US, Europe and China. We have detailed in the transportation and delivery to the countries we currently support distribution, you can click to understand. If we carry out distribution services in new areas, we will also update them in transportation and delivery. Please pay attention.


  1. Where can I find my order number?


Since the current transactions of this website are on the Amazon platform, you can check your order number and logistics information in Amazon.


  1. What is your refund policy?


We only accept refund requests for products purchased from this website. You can request a refund if you have:


1) There are quality problems such as product damage when receiving the goods;

2) The product received does not match the order;

3) Other reasons.


If you have a refund request, you can contact our customer service for assistance.

Please refer to Warranty & Returns & Refund Entry for specific refund status and process.




  1. What are the preferential policies (discount)?


If you register with our members, we will provide you with different discount levels according to your membership level and your consumption level. For detailed discounts, you can contact customer service for consultation.


  1. Other problems


If your issue is still not resolved, you can call our customer service hotline at 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, Monday to Friday, and from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday (except legal holidays). Or you can contact us through our customer service email address.

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