Bests products for YouTube and vlogging

Currently YouTube and vlogging have become the trend, and many people can live broadcast directly at home, so we need some equipment to help us better live broadcast. Let me recommend some tripod equipment for you!


The 64-inch tripod, aluminum tripod, and phone selfie stick with mobile phone tripod mount and remote shutter are ideal for YouTube videos and Instagram Facebook Live. It folds to 23 inches, has a maximum load of 12 pounds, and weighs only 2.75 pounds. It comes with a Bluetooth remote control and a phone clip. It is suitable for a variety of smartphones and cameras and is ideal for YouTube indoors and outdoors. The 360°ball head supports tilting motion and the height can be adjusted from 22inch to 64inch. 3-section aluminum alloy leg tube, the handle on the tripod is more convenient for users to carry.


12-inch desktop tripod, flexible mini tripod suitable for handheld or placed on the table, lightweight and portable, weighing only 0.67 pounds; maximum load capacity up to 4.4lbs, can stabilize mobile phones or cameras. Free mobile phone holder, Bluetooth remote control, GoPro adapter, no matter you choose to use the camera GoPro or mobile phone, you can shoot YouTube without purchasing additional accessories.


You can use our tripod underwater, perfect for GoPro action cameras. You can also use a mobile tripod in the rain and no longer worry about the tripod rusting.


Do you think the indoor lights are not bright enough? Dull skin tone during live broadcast? Here comes the self-timer LED ring light, which contains three different lightings, white, yellow, yellow-white, to adjust your eye comfort and offset the ambient lighting. Light colors provide different tonnages for different environments. The circular light will make the model's eyes brighter and more vivid, thus making the portrait more perfect! Phone holders range from 2.3-4 inches wide and can be used as a stand for most smartphones.


Portable and easy to carry travel bags and suitcases. It doesn't take up much space to free up your hands. Ideal for stationary purposes on your desk or bedroom, streaming, shooting videos and taking product photos. As a USB, according to the requirements of the selfie on the scene, it is best to use it with the portable charger in the scene.


Low-power selfie lights can illuminate your face for live video on social media or YouTube and vlogging. Better lighting for your live performance, video blog or post. The same applies to YouTube gadget tutorials and hair and makeup videos.


Do you still feel that the sound of YouTube shooting is not loud enough? The environment is too noisy? You also need a microphone to help your live broadcast or YouTube recording. This Movo VXR10 universal video microphone with shock mount, Deadcat windshield, is suitable for iPhone, Android, camera, camcorder, recorder, tablet and laptop. Durable aluminum construction and battery-less design, including a rugged integrated shock mount, minimize operating noise.



I believe that with these artifacts, your YouTube and vlogging will be recorded smoothly!

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