Tips on how to choose the best tripod

Tips on how to choose the best tripod

With the development of the times, tripods are not only the work tools of professional photographers, but also more and more common in our daily life. Once you start using a tripod, you will find that you have more clear pictures and the freedom to free your hands. So for those of us who are new to tripods, how to choose a tripod that suits you has become the first issue we face. Today I will introduce to you if you choose a tripod that suits you!


First question, what is your equipment?




Now that the mobile phone's camera functions are getting more and more powerful, and the convenient features determine that you can take photos anytime, anywhere, so many people now choose to use mobile phones to take pictures.

If you choose a mobile phone as your shooting tool, then you may need a tripod that is mainly lightweight and portable.

On the one hand, the weight of the mobile phone is limited, and it does not require an overly heavy tripod to ensure the safe use of mobile phone photography;

On the other hand, if you choose a heavier tripod, it will cause some inconvenience in carrying, and it will be contrary to your original intention of taking pictures with your mobile phone;

The most important aspect! !! !! When choosing a mobile phone tripod, you must pay attention to whether a mobile phone adapter is included, otherwise you may need to buy it again!

The following recommends some tripods suitable for mobile phones!



The octopus tripod can be said to be the best partner for mobile phones. It can be used on the desktop, can be wrapped around other items and used outdoors, and the legs can be combined and easily held in the hand for shooting. The accompanying mobile phone adapter and GoPro adapter can meet your various needs, and the Bluetooth remote control can help you free your hands, so that everyone in the party does not need to be absent from the photo!



Selfie stick tripod is also an important choice for mobile phone tripod. Not only can you take selfies, you can also release your hands to take photos and videos with excellent stability, which is very suitable for selfies, group photos, and adventure travel. Sturdy but lightweight! It is 17 inches long when fully stowed and folded for portability, and also includes a mobile phone adapter and Bluetooth remote control!


Of course, there are many similar tripods. If you don't like the above two, you can also search for "phone tripod" on Amazon to get more tripods!



When your device is a camera, you need to consider more issues. Such as the weight of your camera, whether you need a monopod function, whether you need a removable ball head and so on.

Based on various considerations, I will recommend several excellent camera tripods for you.


The VICTIV T72 72inch tripod also has a monopod function. The excellent load capacity of 9.2 lb (4.1 kg) can be applied to many cameras, but overweight cameras and long lenses are not suitable for this tripod! The height change from 21 "(53 cm) to 72.0" (182 cm) can meet various needs. An extra quick release plate as a gift can help you quickly change the camera. If you have multiple cameras, this will be very convenient. The included tripod bag will make it easier for you to carry!



MACTREM 55inch tripod, This tripod has an aluminum build as well as some metal and plastic parts. Measures 20 inches (collapsed); extends up to 55 inches, weighs just 2.6 pounds. Easy to Store: PT55 compact tripod fits perfectly into the provided carrying case for safe storage.



If you need a more professional tripod, then this all-metal tripod will be a good choice for you! The tripod and monopod are also two-in-one, and the monopod can reach 81 inches. The tripod can be set to a minimum height of 7.8 "to a maximum height of 78". The leg tube is 26mm, the ball head diameter is 38MM, so the carrying capacity is stronger. The tripod's own weight is 3.92 pounds and the maximum load weight is 19 pounds. The bottom axis can be taken upside down, and the included center column can be shot at low angles to meet professional photography needs!


Search for "camera tripod" on Amazon for more different tripods


Here I introduce you to five different types of tripods, and also introduce some tips for choosing a tripod. When you choose a tripod, the most important thing is to choose according to your most real needs, to avoid unnecessary waste! It is very important that everyone pay attention to the safety of equipment when using a tripod!


Search for the keyword "tripod" in Amazon to learn more about tripods!

For more tripod related questions, please feel free to ask us.


Finally, I hope everyone can choose a tripod that is satisfactory to them!

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