So let me start off and say that this tripod is pretty awesome. I don't write reviews that are incorrect or somehow inflated. If I like a product I'll endorse it. This tripod is awesome because it is easy to change, comes with a level, has the easiest phone mount I have ever seen and comes with a bluetooth remote. That remote took me 10 seconds to hook up with my phone after reading the instructions. I have an iPhone 6S and my girlfriend used her Samsung S9 and it worked without any trouble.

Pros: Light weight, has a handle, is easy to bring up and down, solid structure and construction, bluetooth remote for pictures, phone mount that is easy to clip in, has a carrying case, is very tall, has a hook for counter balancing the tripod in difficult terrain.

Cons: None that I can see if you are in the market for a tripod at a reasonable price. It compares to the tripods you